Integra’s range of unique, technically advanced systems for surface treatment and protection has been tried and proven for years world-wide.

Our extensive product range has been uniquely formulated to provide you with a cost effective, safe and permanent solution that will stand the test of time.

User Friendly – Non-Toxic – Non-Flammable – Odourless – Environmentally Friendly


Water repellents and oil repellents products for walls, floors and roofs.



ProtectGuard has established itself as the benchmark product for preventing degradation of porous materials(concrete, cement, natural or synthetic stone…) A high performing water and oil repellent, anti-staining with anti-graffiti properties for porous surfaces. Can be used to protect terraces, balconies, pool decks, barbecue areas, renovated facades, tile joints, old, new and renovated buildings.

ProtectGuard HD

ProtectGuard HD is the ideal treatment for all low porous materials or for floors subject to heavy traffic. Can be used to protect terraces, balconies, pool decks, barbecue areas, renovated facades, tile joints, old, new and renovated buildings. ProtectGuard HD can also be applied to walls and facades to acquire premium protection against graffiti.

ProtectGuard Marble and Granite ECO

ProtectGuard MG is a new generation protection product designed to protect low and very low porosity substrates. It has highly effective ability to resist penetration by water, oil, grease, weak acids (fruit juice, ketchup, etc.) as well as all types of soiling. Ideal for treating all low and very low porous materials, marble, granite, ceramic, polished and crystallised surfaces, stoneware porcelain and all smooth mineral substrates, especially low porosity silica-limestone materials.


ImperGuard protects porous facades and roofs against water and humidity. Ideal for protecting natural or artificial stone, brick, concrete, render, tile (terracotta, fibre cement, concrete), mortar (MPC), etc. For use on roofs, facades, walls, old, new and renovated buildings, renovated facades, etc.

Guard Hardener W

Guard Hardener W (Water repellent) is a product for mineralizing and consolidating friable materials damaged by intrusion of water, damp, frost… Guard Hardener W is a product for treating friable materials, efflorescence and saltpetre. Guard Hardener W crystallises, hardens and mineralises friable materials. Once treated, materials become more resistant to degradation.


ProtectGuard Wet Finish Premium

ProtectGuard WF Premium gives porous and low-porosity mineral surfaces an intense “wet effect”, in other words, it restores and revives the original colour of surfaces. ProtectGuard WF Premium is traffic resistant and produces the wet effect for a long time. ProtectGuard WF Premium also provides a protection against water, oil and stains. It also provides long-term protection for materials and prevents the principal causes of deterioration such as atmospheric pollution, dirt and grease. It slows down the ageing of the support and makes it easier to maintain.