MXP 1000 & 1200
Up to 60kg mixes – 240V

3 to 5 bag (20kg) mix – 240V

Screedmix Pro
40, 80, 100,120 litres – 240V
300 litres – 415V

Mini Screed Pump
12 litres/min – 240V

19-50 litres/min – 415V

Mixing Paddles

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Using our range of screed mixers ensures your product is thoroughly mixed quickly and efficiently.

Here’s a guide as to which mixer to select….

  • Use the MXP 1000 for up to 40kg mixes. 1020W variable speed motor. For paints, plasters and leveling compounds etc.
  • The MXP 1200 will handle up to 60kg mixes. 1200W variable speed motor.
  • With the Portamix you can do a 5 bag mix of leveling compound of plaster or leveling compound in an 8 minute cycle! Just mix and then wheel over to the job and pour to contents out.
  • The Screedmix Pro is ideal for mixing a variety of substances including sand-filled epoxy mortars, sand / cement and ag-gregate mixes for screed beds, self-levelling compounds and rubberised bedding for playgrounds.
  • The Mini Screed Pump is a versatile 240V machine. Ideal for self leveling floor under-layments, resurfacing deteriorated concrete, plastering, waterproofing, seal coating concrete and finishing concrete.
  • The Quattro is the big brother of the Mini Screed Pump. They both fit through a standard doorway, and with the powerful 415V motor it will produce a steady stream of up to 50 litres per minute of mixed compound.
  • Our Mixing Paddles range from 80mm up to 225mm diameter. Use the left hand helix for splash free mixing of thin paints, adhesives etc (the mix is forced down in the middle and up the sides) and the right hand helix for thick, heavy compounds (the mix is lifted up in the centre).