Meteor 250
250mm Grind – 240V

Satellite 380
380mm Grind – 240V

Satellite 480
480mm Grind -240V, 415V & Petrol Engine

Satellite 550
550mm Grind – 415V

Satellite 650
650mm Grind – 415V

Satellite 760-6
760mm Grind – 415V

Satellite 760-12
760mm Grind – 415V

Satellite 970
970mm Grind – 415V

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There is no other concrete grinder like the Satellite concrete grinder.

Here are the reasons….

  • Highest production rates for machines of their size – does not have a complex high maintenance drive system which uses up the motor power. The Satellite concrete grinder design puts the motor power into doing the job.
  • Flattens and levels floors efficiently but will also grind a floor with a dish or shallow spoon. (Most planetary machines will gouge floors with small undulations.)
  • Robust – Satellite concrete grinders is almost indestructible. The cyclo transmission comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • Easy to use – with the axle adjusted, the Satellite concrete grinder can be operated with only one hand!
  • Fast tooling change to the Satellite concrete grinder can be done in seconds.
  • Fixed speed models – The Satellite fixed speed concrete grinders are ideal for heavy floor prep work, demolition and glue removal.
  • Variable speed models – The Satellite variable speed concrete grinders are ideal for either grinding or fine polishing.

Ideal for Grinding & Polishing, Levelling & Cleaning, Coating Removal, Glue Removal, Re-surfacing, Sanding.