4″ & 5″ Cup Wheels
(100mm & 125mm diameter)

7″ Cup Wheels
(180mm diameter)

10″ Cup Wheels
(250mm diameter)

Turbo Plugs

Turbo Disc
with spigot

Turbo Disc
with Velcro Back

Turbo Sticks

Resin Bond Pads
for polishing

Flat Blades
(look – no arbor nut!)

Planer Drum

Saw Blades

Specialty Tooling

Integra supplies a large range of diamond tooling for our machines, and also for many other machines as well.

Confused as to which piece of tooling to use?

Contact us and well guided you in the right direction – we don’t just sell this tooling – we have actually used it our-selves out on jobs and so we have the knowledge that comes from experience.

What is the diamond matrix and which matrix do I use – there seems so many types – why?

The diamond matrix is the ‘glue’ that holds the diamond grit in place. There is no difference in the diamond grit (except perhaps in the concentration) but the matrix could be anything from a resin bond like plastic for example, through to a soft metal like cop-per or up to a hard metal like stainless steel with a lot of chromium in it.

A hard concrete produces a fine dust which is not very abrasive. This means you have to use a soft matrix to keep the diamonds ‘opened’ or exposed to keep cutting or grinding.

A soft concrete produces a coarse dust which is abrasive and will wear away the matrix quickly. Whilst this tooling will grind or cut very quickly, it has a short life, and you will never get true value for money.

Tooling for Grinding & Polishing, Leveling & Cleaning, Coating Removal, Glue removal, and Re-surfacing