5 ” Tile Vac
3-10 x16mm deep cut

5 ” Tuck Vac
3 x 32mm deep cut

AGP 125
3-10 x 27mm deep cut

7 ” Crac Vac
2.5-10 x 32mm deep cut

3-14 x 42mm deep cut

6-12 x 25mm deep cut

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Make the preparation of concrete joints easy – use a crack chaser.

Here’s how…

  • Cut dry – means the jointing process can be commenced immediately after the joint is cut.
  • By using a dust collector the workplace is kept virtually dust free, reduces clean-up time and is better for your health.
  • The ‘Tile Vac’, ‘Tuck Vac’ and the ‘Crack Vac’ each have their own dust extractor.
  • Easy to use depth adjustment.
  • Gives accurate cutting so the joints can have a neat professional appearance.
  • C-10 is on casters and will follow any random crack pattern.