Integra’s range of unique, technically advanced systems for permanent concrete treatment, protection and moisture proofing has been tried and proven for years in Australia.

Our extensive product range has been uniquely formulated to provide you with a cost effective, safe and permanent solution that will stand the test of time.

User Friendly – Non-Toxic – Non-Flammable Odourless – Environmentally Friendly

Concrete Curing Compounds:

Deep Cure

A penetrating concrete cure compound, that works in the slab, not on the slab.


  • Easy, fast and safe to apply.
  • Does not leave a membrane that must to be ground off prior to applying coatings, adhesives and toppings as required in the Flooring Code.
  • Assists in the prevention of efflorescence.
  • Hardens, densifies and dust proofs concrete.
  • Acts as a Moisture Barrier.
  • Can be walked on as soon as the wet look has gone.
  • Cannot be damaged by tradespersons during the construction process.
  • Fast track – sheet vinyl etc can be installed 14 days after the concrete is poured.
  • One coat permanent application.

Moisture Barriers:

Deep Barrier

The Flooring Industry version of DEEP CURE. Ideal for the flooring contractor because of ease of use.

Deep Cure and Deep Barrier are used under adhesive fixed floor coverings, coatings etc.

Concrete Sealer:

Deep Repeller

Deep Repeller is used on porous surfaces. Ideal for concrete, fibre-cement, sandstone and terracotta etc. It is not an oil repellent.

  • Water based, non-toxic, green product – non-glossy.
  • Ready to use and easy to apply – only one coat required.
  • Does not alter the natural colour, texture or other physical properties of the surface.
  • UV resistant.
  • Prevents the growth of fungus, moss, algae etc.
  • Reduced efflorescence and darkening of the substrate.

Concrete with efflorescence problems