Integra’s range of unique, technically advanced systems for surface treatment and protection has been tried and proven for year’s world-wide.

Our extensive product range has been uniquely formulated to provide you with a cost effective, safe and permanent solution that will stand the test of time.

User Friendly – Non-Toxic – Non-Flammable – Odourless – Environmentally Friendly


Anti-slip and anti-graffiti products for walls and floors.


Guard Anti-slip

One application of Guard Slip Resistant gives a very efficient and long-lasting anti-slip effect. Guard Slip Resistant uses the silica found in materials and produces a chemical reaction that will schematically graft new molecules on those already existing in the substrate. This results in a better and longer lasting anti-slip effect that only slightly changes the surface appearance.

Guard Slip Resistant is a very efficient alternative to hydrofluoric acid-based products, which are extremely corrosive and significantly alter the substrate’s appearance by dissolving silica crystals.


Super Anti-Graffiti

Super Anti-Graffiti Guard is an innovative anti-graffiti product. This single-component, ready-to-use product provides long-term protection for a wide variety of supports against graffiti or tags of all kinds (paints, inks, felt-tips, markers etc) as well as posters, adhesives and stains. Film forming anti-graffiti barrier which allows removal of graffiti without the need for chemicals or pressure washer.

Concrete with efflorescence problems